I just want to add my computer to my RealVNC account, so that I can login and remote my computer from other devices. On my desktop (Windows), after install VNC Server, I can do this but on my laptop (Linux Mint), nothing is happened after I install VNC Server

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  • Did you install RealVNC's "VNC Server" on your Mint system? Did you follow the installation instructions? – roaima Aug 22 '18 at 6:30
  • @roaima Yes, I already installed RealVNC, do we need add a license key to VNC Server to get it working ? – Ngọc Lương Aug 22 '18 at 6:39
  • @roaima How can I get license key with Home subscription (free) ? – Ngọc Lương Aug 22 '18 at 7:27
  • @roaima I don't have key on my Windows machines, after install VNC Server and login to account, the Windows machine is added to my RealVNC account automatically. – Ngọc Lương Aug 22 '18 at 9:41
  • If you've a licence I would suggest you open a support ticket with RealVNC and ask them. – roaima Aug 22 '18 at 10:42

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