I'm trying to automate the process of theming QT5 programs, in the absence of a DE like KDE, by writing a script that does it. I know that GTK has a bunch of config files that can specify all the aspects of a theme, but what's the equivalent for QT5?

So far, I've found out that I can set QT_THEME_OVERRIDE to set the theme, and XCURSOR_THEME to set the cursor theme (QT5 appears to respect this). But what about the icon theme and everything else?

I've also seen this Arch Wiki section about a similar issue, and a few other questions that suggest using the graphical configurator qt5ct, but I'm really trying to write something that makes this change, rather than have a configurator do it, so that I don't have to repeat this process if I replicate my system install somewhere else.

(This is so I can write a .nix expression for home-manager that can handle qt5 theming declaratively, but that's beside the point.)


If you still care about this, check out my config. I am using nix & home-manager as well, so this might be useful. (Though this doesn't quite work for nixos-unstable right now because pure-qt apps don't use correct icon theme. I don't know what to do). You should do something like xdg.configFile."kdeglobals".text = kde; where kde is defined above.

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