I created a directory del1 a directory inside tha tas del2 inside that as del3 inside that as del4.I linked these directories as follows

midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ln -s /home/midhun/del1 zero
midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ln -s /home/midhun/del1/del2 one
midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ln -s /home/midhun/del1/del2/del3 two
midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ln -s /home/midhun/del1/del2/del3/del4   three

But when i try to print logical working directory of three and physical working directory of three i getting terminal output as

midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ pwd -P three
midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ pwd -L three

My doubt is shouldn't I get physical print working directory output as /home/midhun and logical working directory output as /home/midhun/del1/del2/del3/ . I am confused about this .Please elaborate on this


The pwd command will display the logical/physical pathname of the current working directory, not of a directory given on its command line (it should have given you some sort of diagnostic message about this).

To see the -L and -P flags in action, cd into the three directory (the link you created) and try pwd -P and pwd -L.

  • So you mean i should have tried something like this.. midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~$ cd -L three midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~/three$ pwd -P /home/midhun/del1/del2/del3/del4 midhun@midhun-Vostro-15-3568:~/three$ pwd -L /home/midhun/three Now it is crear thanks for your fast response. – Samuel Thomson Aug 21 '18 at 10:46
  • @SamuelThomson Not quite. The pwd command only takes the options -L or -P, but nothing else. It will give you the physical/logical working directory (the pathname of the directory that you are in). Don't give a pathname to pwd on the command line. – Kusalananda Aug 21 '18 at 11:11

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