I am trying to execute the following code in shell but I am not getting the output as expected. The command is as follows:

echo $($i)

I am getting an error:

Command not found error

I think it should show the value of the first command line argument, rather it is giving error.


Because the construct $(...) is a command substitution, so $($i) means to run the contents of variable $i. In your case, it would try to execute 1, which the shell cannot find.

See below how it fails, but if we create a script named '1', it works.


$ i=1
$ echo "$($i)"
-bash: 1: command not found  
$ cat >1
echo Hello World
$ chmod 755 1
$ PATH=$PATH:`pwd`
$ echo "$($i)"
Hello World

To display the value of the first command line argument, you need $1 or ${1}

$ cat >mytest
echo "arg 1 is $1"
echo "arg 1 is ${1}"
$ chmod 755 mytest
$ ./mytest foo
arg 1 is foo
arg 1 is foo
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