Is it possible to uninstall a Steam game from the console?

I have tried deleting the game's folder in .steam/steam/steamapps/common, but the game continues to appear in the Steam library, although it fails to run.

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    no, just i want to include that line to a program in c++ that i am programming, and i was using system(comands here); in order to achieve deleting the folders, so i thought that could be intersting find a way to do it Aug 20, 2018 at 21:23

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This used to be possible with SteamCMD for this (it’s packaged in Debian’s non-free repositories and in Ubuntu’s multiverse):

steamcmd +apps_installed +quit

will list all installed applications with their id, and

steamcmd +app_uninstall appid +quit

will uninstall the application matching the given id; add -complete before the id for a complete uninstall.

SteamCMD now appears to be limited to handling games it installed, rather than any game in the default Steam directories; it also seems to be primarily intended for managing dedicated game servers with specific SteamCMD clients, rather than any game available on Steam.

You can manually remove a game by deleting its directory, usually in steamapps/common in your Steam directory, and its manifest in steamapps; the main Steam client may however still consider the game to be installed.


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