I previously followed the answer in this question: Attaching USB-Serial device with custom PID to ttyUSB0 on embedded

Now, I need to revert that step so that the device id I echoed to new_id doesn't map to ttyUSB0 every time I connect it. The file, new_id, seems to have '0403 e0d0' permanently written to it now. I've tried to use the unbind file to no luck. There's also no "remove_id" file. Only bind, new_id, uevent, and unbind.

How can I revert this?


I looked into this, and it does seem like remove_id was never implemented for usb-serial. Should be able to take the work in drivers/usb/core/driver.c and implement remove_id in drivers/usb/serial/bus.c.

Sorry for not having an easy answer.

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