Is there a way to read image tags from darktable from command-line, i.e. something like darktable --get-tags myimage.jpg would return all tags of this image.

How can I tag an image or modify the tags from command-line such that the tags are integrated into the darktable database?


darktable seems to use xmp sidecar files and tags are in the xmp sidecar file like


However I don't see how to read, set and modify it from commandline. My first thought was to use sed or awk but those are for things in one singe line.

Another approach would be to read and write directly to the darktable database, which is used additionally to the xmp files.

Edit2 I just realized that exiftool can set tags of xmp sidecar files: For example

exiftool -Subject=myNewTag myimage.jpg.xmp
exiftool -`Hierarchical*Subject*`=myNewTag myimage.jpg.xmp

deletes all tags and sets myNewTag as the only tag. Or

exiftool -Subject+=myAdditionalTag myimage.jpg.xmp
exiftool -`Hierarchical*Subject*`+=myAdditionalTag myimage.jpg.xmp

adds the tag myAdditionalTag to the list of tags.

Then I checked the option look for updated xmp files on startup in darktable and hoped that it would update the tags while reload. However even if I deleted the old tags as in the first case, darktable shows me the newtag and the old (removed) tags.

So this doesn't seem the way to go.

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