I want to resize a partition on a 8002GB disk /dev/sdb1 using parted.

Start 1000MB | End 4000MB | Size 3000MB | File system NTFS (and so on)

Current version of parted has replaced resize with resizepart.
I was able to use resizepart to change end to 100% i.e 8002GB but I can't seem to change the start from 1000MB to 1MB.

How can I change this partition to start from 1MB?

  • This is what Logical Volumes are meant for...! Back up, delete, create Logical Volume then start small and add as needed use LVM tool set – George Udosen Aug 18 '18 at 9:05

parted doesn't have a command to change a partition's start offset. You can delete the partition with the rm command and recreate it with the correct offsets with the mkpart command. However, if you do that your filesystem will cease to function. Moving a partition requires re-writing filesystem structures; a function parted doesn't perform.

Instead, you can use gparted to move the partition, as described in their documentation.

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  • I am on Ubuntu Server so no GUI. I guess gParted live USB it is then. – Umer Aug 18 '18 at 12:21

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