I'm using Adapta blue as default desktop theme in my Fedora Linux workstation. However, I like Ambiance theme rendering of Netbeans IDE 9.0. I modified the launcher's exec in /usr/share/applications/netbeans.desktop as

exec=env GTK_THEME=Ambiance: light netbeans

But the application still renders in Adapta blue mode. I repeated the same for gedit and it worked, so there was nothing wrong with my code. I also tried from terminal

$ GTK_THEME=Ambiance netbeans

and Netbeans starts in Adapta blue theme once again. While,

$ GTK_THEME=Ambiance eclipse

starts eclipse with ambiance theme rendering! Is there any way to use ambiance theme for netbeans while using any other theme for gnome desktop? Or, should i learn to create a look and feel for Netbeans IDE?

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