Foreshadow is a new speculative execution exploit targeting Intel's SGX on Core chips

What Linux kernel version(s) contain a fix for the L1TF exploit?

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From the LWN article on L1TF:

The 4.19 kernel will contain the mitigations, of course. As of this writing, the 4.18.1, 4.17.15, 4.14.63, 4.9.120, and 4.4.148 updates, containing the fixes, are in the review process with release planned on August 16.

It is possible that some of the kernel versions will only contain partial fixes to the problems of L1TF.

But this is about the upstream kernel.

You should look at your distribution's vulnerability reports, since distributions have backported the fixes to their kernel packages.

For example:

Look at your distribution's security advisories page to find more.


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