Whenever I do anything with mercurial (e.g. hg status in a repository folder) I get a message saying:

extension 'git' overrides commands: gclear git-cleanup gimport gverify gexport

and the relevant part of my ~/.hgrc is:

hggit = 
hgext.git = 

Removing any one of these two lines makes the message go away, but - which of these should I remove and which should I keep?

I use Devuan ASCII 2.0 (but this is not a distribution-generated .hgrc file). Package versions:

  • mercurial 4.0-1+deb9u1
  • mercurial-git 0.8.11-1
  • git 1:2.11.0-3+deb9u3

The problem is that you are including hg-git twice.

hggit =

Is the recommended way

hgext.git =

Is the older way to enable an extension and is available in mercurial just for backwards compatibility.

I would suggest using just the first.

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