The script has traps that execute a function that reruns the host script, but executes it twice.



exec_func () {
#Creando Script de Vida Eterna.

rm -f $LOCK
cd $( dirname '${BASH_SOURCE[0]}' )
echo "Volvio a la vida" >> /tmp/secuancia_performanceScript.log
$( which bash ) performanceScript2.sh &
exit $?



if (set -o noclobber; echo $$ > "$LOCK") 2> /dev/null;
    trap 'exec_func' INT TERM EXIT SIGKILL

    while true; do
     echo "El numero es $secuencia" >> /tmp/secuancia_performanceScript.log
     sleep 1

    rm -f $LOCK
    trap - INT TERM EXIT

    echo "ya se está ejecutando: $(cat $LOCK)"

seeing the debug, the function is executed twice.

++ exec_func
++ rm -f /tmp/performanceScript.lock
+++ dirname '${BASH_SOURCE[0]}'
++ cd .
++ echo 'Volvio a la vida'
++ exit 0
+ exec_func
+ rm -f /tmp/performanceScript.lock
+++ which bash
++ dirname '${BASH_SOURCE[0]}'
++ /bin/bash performanceScript2.sh
+ cd .
+ echo 'Volvio a la vida'
+ exit 0
++ which bash
+ /bin/bash performanceScript2.sh
ya se está ejecutando: 13963

Why the exec_func function is executed twice?

  • Why don't you produce a minimal script that will still exhibit the same problem? It makes it easier to help you, and in doing that you may discover the problem yourself. – RalfFriedl Aug 13 '18 at 22:34

You are setting a trap on all this signals:

trap 'exec_func' INT TERM EXIT SIGKILL

which makes that the exec_func on INT (ctrl-C) and again on EXIT (end of script).

Choose only one (if that is what you need) like INT

trap 'exec_func' INT

Or identify which signal is being trapped similar to this and use a case statement to decide what to do.

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