For Example,

I have 5 directories inside parent directory, I want to delete parent directory without deleting 5 subdirectories.

As of now am doing with below code,

 mv parentFolder/* parentFolder/.. && rm -rf parentFolder

Do we have any other simpler option than this?

mv parentFolder/* parentFolder/..

Would move all the (non-hidden) files, not only those of type directory.

To move only the directories, with zsh (also shortening the code)

(){mv $1/{*(/),..} && rm -rf $1} parentFolder

Or to include hidden ones:

(){mv $1/{*(D/),..} && rm -rf $1} parentFolder
  • (){..$1..} arg: anonymous function with an argument (to factorise the parentFolder)
  • {a,b} csh-style brace expansion, also to factorize
  • (/): glob qualifier to select only directories. You could also do */ (which would also work in bash, but would also include symlinks to directories).
  • (D/): D for dot-files (hidden files whose name starts with .).

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