I have a scenario where I am using SAN storage for my current environment data storage. I have installed some oracle products and used SAN storage for storing the product data viz. database configuration files,control files & actual data files on SAN.

Due to some issue on base machine, the SAN storage was detached and hence I need to mount it again. By mistake, I have formatted and mounted the provided space and now the location becomes empty and my data is not visible there.

Moreover my storage manager HP3 PAR storage management console shows that 192.5 GiB out of 2TB has been used but I am not able to see the data there. Is there any way to recover that data?

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  • There are no Linux based data recovery tools worth mentioning, so if you had valuable data on the SAN and do not have backups, your only option is to pay for a professional data recovery service, or use tools commercially available under another OS if you feel competent. – ajeh Aug 13 '18 at 22:20