I have a fresh Arch linux installation with all the base packages installed. I saw some nice packages in live boot and I want them in my installation as well. How can I do that with using the live image.?


You can view the list of packages on the iso: as you can see, it is not a long list.

Rather than copying the likely already outdated *pkg.tar.xz across to your new system and then installing them with pacman -U $package, you are much better advised to just install them from an up-to-date mirror with pacman -Syu $package.

If you want to include them in the initial package install with the pacstrap command, you can just append the package name to the standard command:

pacstrap /mnt base $package1 $package2 $package3

Not only will this mean that you do not (inadvertently) perform a partial update, it will also ensure that all of the required dependencies for the package are correctly installed.

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