I issue

$ pacman -Su
:: Starting full system upgrade...
error: duplicated database entry 'python2-cairo'
 there is nothing to do

So I have a look at /var/lib/pacman/local

$ ls /var/lib/pacman/local/ | grep cairo

How can I:

  • See why python2-cairo-1.17.0-1 and python2-cairo-1.17.0-1 are both installed (what packages depend on them)

  • Get rid of python2-cairo-1.17.0-1

  • Fix the duplicated database entry error...


I hadd a look at this and tried with:

$ sudo mv /var/lib/pacman/local/python2-cairo-1.17.0-1/ ~/tmp/

Now the error is no longer appearing, but I'm not quite sure if I left anything broken behind


I followed @jasonwryan advice, pacman -Syu seems to wokr fine, but then I tried with

sudo pacman -Qkk | grep mismatch

and found several files under /usr/lib/python2.7/ Modification time mismatch warnings. But apart from that everything seems to be ok

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    Run a full update: -Syu and then check for issues with -Qkk. – jasonwryan Aug 11 '18 at 5:15

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