I am having a weird issue with ibus-pinyin. I am running Fedora 28 with the Cinnamon desktop (dnf groupinstall "Cinnamon Desktop"), and I occasionally type Chinese. I installed ibus and ibus-pinyin, a couple of extra i18n fonts, and I put

ibus-daemon -drx

in my user's .xprofile file. This works all nice & dandy if I switch my user's desktop to "Chinese" in Preferences -> Language. I can then switch between Chinese pinyin and English IME input just fine.

However, if I set my user's locale to EN/US, the ibus daemon doesn't start (or at least there's no applet on the panel), and if I start it manually afterwards, I can switch between ZH/CN and EN/US in the applet, but my input stays on the English IME.

I am not even sure where to start looking ... does anyone have any ideas?

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