I have several cron jobs I run to back up dbs:

0 8 * * * BACKUP=DEV DB=01 /usr/local/bin/backup.sh > /var/log/backup-db01-`date "+\%m\%d\%y"`.log 2>&1||/usr/local/bin/create-ticket.sh

0 16 * * * BACKUP=DEV DB=02 /usr/local/bin/backup.sh > /var/log/backup-db02-`date "+\%m\%d\%y"`.log 2>&1||/usr/local/bin/create-ticket.sh

In the script I am trying to create JIRA ticket on failure and attach the logs for the backup:

create-ticket.sh script:

#create Ticket for failed backup#
JIRA=`/opt/atlassian-cli/jira.sh --server https://blahblah --user admin --password blahblah --action createIssue --project "DEV" --type "Incident" --summary "Failed backup on $BACKUP $DB" --components "blah" --priority "Major"| awk '{print $2}'`

###Atttach logs:###
/opt/atlassian-cli/jira.sh --server https://blahblah --user admin --password blahblah --action addAttachment --issue "${JIRA}" --file "?????"

I need to know how to pass in the different file names for each time the cron runs to the {--file "???"} section... the file name changes daily and i need the script to pick up the newly created file for each DB on each day it fails.


I think you can introduce log file name parameter to be used for both redirection and when calling create-ticket.sh

0 8 * * * BACKUP=DEV DB=01 LOG=/var/log/backup-db01-$(date "+%m%d%y").log /usr/local/bin/backup.sh > $LOG 2>&1 || /usr/local/bin/create-ticket.sh $LOG

so create-ticked.sh should be then expecting that parameter and you can use it inside like

 ... --file "$1" ...

You may not want to use escaping % sign - $(date "+%m%d%y") - part will result in string like 021318 once so you guaranteed to stick with the same name.


Make a wrapper script to clean up your crontab;

0 8 * * * /usr/local/bin/backupOrTicket.sh 01

and put this in it;

FILE="/var/log/backup-$DB-$(date +%m%d%y).log"
/usr/local/bin/backup.sh > "$FILE" 2>&1 \
|| /usr/local/bin/create-ticket.sh "$FILE"

Using --file "$1" in create-ticket.sh . You might want to remove the BACKUP variable if it's not actually used. Also you should use date --iso-8601=s so that your log files sort properly. (Using any date format other than numerical largest to smallest is an anti pattern)

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