Using this regex ;(31055\d*)|^;\d{10}(\d{7}) How do I get the second part of the regex after the "|" to report as Group 1 using the test string of ;1000000000146691301? The regex is working but I need the ;1000000000144691301? to match to 1446913 in Group 1 not group 2. I need both matches to come out in group 1. The first part of the regex works using ;3105540001042017? and reports in Group 1.


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How about (?|;(31055\d*)|^;\d{10}(\d{7}))

This requires Branch Reset Group which is not available in JavaScript, so depending on what language you are using, it may not work.

Working example: https://regexr.com/3tlk1


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