I have a directory containing million xml files. I want to create multiple zip files containing n number of xml files. For ex: if n = 10000, then I want to create 100 zip files i.e. each zip file will have only 10000 xml files.

What is the most efficient way to create these zip files? I don't want this process to take more time since I have to repeat this operation for multiple folders having millions of xml files.


This may be usefull :

$ zip all.zip *.xml  ## create a big archive.

Find the archive's total size:

$ ls -lh all.zip

Now, split the big archive into small archives, as you need:

$ split -b 5M all.zip ## creates 5 MB zips

Note: extracting the archives does not work, unless you join them back:

cat x* > oldbigzip.
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I would do it like this:

# Create file list
find . -type f -name '*.xml' > filelist


# Loop through list, extracting n names each time
for i in $(seq 1 $n $(wc -l < filelist)); do
  zipfile="zipfile$(printf "%04d" $((fileno++)))"
  sed -n "$i,$((i+n-1))p" filelist | zip $zipfile -@
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  • I tried this script. It works fast in local unix drive. But, the same script is too slow in a NFS drive. Is there any way to make it faster in NFS drive? – user1617267 Aug 31 '12 at 7:14
  • This is as fast as it can get, the NFS link is the bottleneck. Run the script on the NFS server or get a faster network link. – Thor Aug 31 '12 at 7:54

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