I am trying to add two keyboard shortcuts for switching to right workspace in xubuntu with xfce4.12:

  • ctrl+alt+right
  • ctrl+alt+page_up

In window manager -> keyboard, there you can only specify one key-combination. When adding another entry in settings editor -> xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts, only the last one counts. Same in the xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml file.

Would there still be a way to achieve this?


In the forums there was an answer many years back on how to do this. It no longer works. I have asked on the forums if there is another way, but as of right now my answer is "no, you can't get two keyboard shortcuts".


However, as a workaround you may be able to add a shortcut under:

Keyboard->Application Shortcuts->Command

To create a custom command (a bash script maybe?) that maps to a specific keyboard shortcut, and then somehow implement a bash function to achieve the behavior you desire. I haven't attempted this yet or I'd say that's a good solution.

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