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When I pressed Ctrl+b w, I saw the windows I used before. How could I delete all of them?


From the tmux man page:

  kill-window [-a] [-t target-window]
               (alias: killw)

         Kill the current window or the window at target-window, removing it 
         from any sessions to which it is linked.  The -a option kills all 
         but the window given with -t.

So, at your command prompt try:

$ tmux kill-window -a

If you have one window that you want to preserve include it as well:

$ tmux kill-window -a -t:<window number>
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  • Thanks... Actually, I tried man tmux and found the kill-widow command. However, maybe I did a typo, It did work at that time. This time it succeeds. – Edward Lin Aug 5 '18 at 3:24

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