GNU Screen has a command called exec that will launch a subprocess and optionally let you do things with its file descriptors, including tying them in your window. I frequently use :exec !! sx -b /tmp/file to send a file over a serial link using the xmodem protocol.

I'm looking for the same functionality in tmux so I can move away from screen without having to use minicom's (or picocom's, etc,) function for sending files.


Run tmux


Go to the command mode in your tmux session:

ctrlB then :

Then split a new window with a command associated.

split-window -d 'exec sx -b /tmp/file' 

Option -d is optional, it is to detach from the new pane and to return to the first. That will works with new-window command too.

CtrlB then o will switch from one pane to the other.

I didn't tested it with sx, but it worked with exec top


Take a look at tmux's respawn-window command and http://hyperpolyglot.org/multiplexers

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    I don't know how I could use that to accomplish my goal. I want to dump stdout from a command into a window, and dump the window's output into stdin of the command. – Shawn J. Goff Aug 29 '12 at 15:43

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