The mycommand is a function in my lib/work.sh file.

cat .bashrc
source /home/lib/work.sh

It means that mycommand was sourced in automatically.
mycommand can execute in terminal.
Now to edit a file with vim test.txt,shift+" to enter into vim's command mode ,input !mycommand ,

/bin/bash: mycommand: command not found

shell returned 127

Press ENTER or type command to continue

Why mycommand can't found in vim?


There are different types of shells - Difference between Login Shell and Non-Login Shell? (look for the .bashrc part)

Not all of them are sourcing .bashrc thus work.sh isn't sourced.

To solve your problem you need to export your function to make it available to a subshell.

Can I "export" functions in bash?

myfun() {
    echo "Hello!"

export -f myfun




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