I'm seeing this error when running apt update in containers, if that is useful information. apt spits out:

System error resolving 'archive.ubuntu.com:80' - getaddrinfo (16: Device or resource busy)

I tried looking at the glibc source but I could not understand what was going on.


Your container is not fully functional, and the GNU C library's Name Service Switch functions do not work in it. Specifically, they cannot dynamically load _nss_N_gethostbyname3_r/_nss_N_gethostbyname2_r. getaddrinfo() returns with errno set to EBUSY (and h_errno set to NETDB_INTERNAL) in such circumstances.

You are also looking at the source code of the wrong function. That is getaddrinfo_a().

  • How can I handle the dynamic loading issue to make my container functional again? – CameronNemo Aug 3 '18 at 5:53

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