I installed vim-powerline and was wondering how to change the backlground colour of the normal mode -- currently set to #adf000 according to the Gimp -- to something else. I assume that the change will be in autoload/Powerline/Colorschemes/XXX.vim somewhere, I just cannot find it.

  • Are you looking for the file, or the line in the file to do the change? – M'vy Aug 21 '12 at 11:21
  • @M'vy: the lines to change as well as a good explanation of how it works... Hey, just like your answer in fact ^_~ – Sardathrion - against SE abuse Aug 21 '12 at 11:32

The colours of vim-powerline should be located in your .vim directory. If you use a plugin manager it may be .vim/bundle/ followed by the vim-powerline/autoload/Powerline/Colorschemes tree. The file you are looking for should be the default.vim.

The colour setting you are looking for is :

 .   \ Pl#Hi#Segments(['mode_indicator'], {¬        
 .   .   \ 'n': ['base03', 'green', ['bold']],¬     
 .   .   \ 'i': ['darkestcyan', 'white', ['bold']],¬
 .   .   \ 'v': ['white', 'orange', ['bold']],¬     
 .   .   \ 'r': ['white', 'violet', ['bold']],¬     
 .   .   \ 's': ['white', 'gray5', ['bold']],¬      
 .   .   \ }),¬                                     

n is for normal, i for insert, v for visual, r for replace and s for selection(?). Additional colours can be defined in the call Pl#Hi#Allocate({¬ section.


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