I have a Centos 6 installed. I did yum update.

I need pg_recvlogical. I didn't find it using yum search pg_recvlogical so I found it mentioned here.

So I download it and wanted to install using rpm -i, but I quickly got to a tree of unsatisfied dependencies which collide with the installed versions.

How should I do to install just pg_recvlogical? Thanks!


instead of rpm -i use yum, it can handle dependencies better.

yum install .../.../x.rpm

If it doesn't solve the problem your rpm may be not that much for your CentOS version or you have to add some repositories which contains the missing dependencies. In any case it's a better idea to use a repository instead of just downloading an RPM.


I tried to find a repo for our version of Centos, but could not.

In the end, I simply downloaded the binaries from PostgreSQL web, and took the pg_recvlogical from there. It runs properly with the libraries installed in the system.

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