When I execute, for example, aptitude search ruby2.5, I get the following errors as first lines of the output. (It's the same error message repeated twice.)

E: Error saving configuration file - apt_dumpcfg (13: Permission denied)
E: Error saving configuration file - apt_dumpcfg (13: Permission denied)

I take the configuration file used from apt_dumpcfg is not writable from the account I am using. I don't get which configuration file is, and where is located.

I google both apt_dumpcfg and apt_dumcfg(), but I didn't find any specific information I could use to fix the error, like the following links (which are the first links I get when searching apt_dumpcfg).

How do I fix that error?


You probably need to fix the ownership of ~/.aptitude and its contents:

sudo chown -R $(whoami) ~/.aptitude
  • It was this. Strangely, I reinstalled Linux Mint, and I don't get anymore that error, even if I first install a package with aptitude before using aptitude for other purposes (for example, running sudo aptitude install ruby2.5 before aptitude search ruby2.5-gtk3). – kiamlaluno Jul 31 '18 at 9:56

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