I define Bash aliases in my ~/.tmuxinator/*.yml files like this:

pre_window: alias cc=heh/path/that;alias ccc='cc clean; clear; cc' ;alias selenium-restart=bin/docker/restart-selenium-chrome ;alias yii=bin/docker/yii/yii

Is there a better way? It works, but, obviously, it is not convenient to add them like that.


Based on this ticket in tmuxinator's issue tracker titled: "pre" option not using zsh options, alias, configuration (running as sh) #286 it looks like you'd either do it as a pre: or a pre_window:. The OP to that ticket was trying pre:

    - setopt clobber
    - source ~/projects/auv/devel/setup.zsh
    - stt

and getting this error:

> mux start auv-core
sh: 13: setopt: not found
sh: 13: source: not found
sh: 13: stt: not found
arranging in: main-vertical
arranging in: main-vertical

and one of the developers says this:

Things like setopt, source and alias are all built in shell commands and don't make sense in a shell script.

Your only option would be to put them in pre_window so send-keys is used in each window / pane.

Based on this comment I think your only option is to use pre_window: as you're doing. You might want to take a different tactic rather than list all the aliases in a pre_window: directly, put them in a file:

$ cat ~/my_aliases
alias cc=heh/path/that
alias ccc='cc clean; clear; cc'
alias selenium-restart=bin/docker/restart-selenium-chrome
alias yii=bin/docker/yii/yii

and have a pre_window: like this:

pre_window: source ~/my_aliases

But your approach looks consistent with how the project intends you to use pre_window: at the very least.

  • I didn't realize for some reason that I can put commands in separate list items for pre/pre_window, thanks! – jojman Aug 3 '18 at 1:21
  • By the way, what I'm doing is what your post suggests to be impossible. Bash aliases in pre_window work fine. – jojman Aug 3 '18 at 1:23
  • @jojman - no you can put aliases in pre_window you can't put them in pre is what the thread stated. – slm Aug 3 '18 at 1:26

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