Am creating a zip file in the script, when I run the script and go to the target folder and unzip the zip file I created in script, it's creating a directory and unzipping the file in that directory.

Below is the code in the script.

for fname in `cat $Filenm`
  echo $fname
  fnme=$(echo ${fname}|awk -F\/ '{print $8}')
  echo $fnme>>$scriptLog
   zip -r $tofilename.zip $fileDir/$fnme
  rm $fileDir/$fnme
  mv $tofilename.zip $todir

When I go to $todir after the script execution and unzip $tofilename.zip, it's creating the $fileDir in the $todir and unzipping the file there, so in $todir I have to go into like 5 sub directories to see my text file.

I want the text file in the zip file to be unzipped into the $todir, but not the way its happening.

Thanks in advance.

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You can use the -j option to zip (-j for "junk paths") which will discard the name of the directory and keep only the file name.

Also, you don't need the -r option (-r for "recurse into directories") since you're passing it a single file name (the -r option is useful when you want to store a whole directory tree into the zipfile.)

So this line should be enough to store the file in the zipfile without the directory name:

zip -j $tofilename.zip $fileDir/$fnme

Another option is to keep storing the full directory path in the zipfile and simply discarding it when you unpack it, by passing the unzip command the -j option, which works similarly to how this option works when zipping.

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    Thanks a lot Filipe Brandenburger , i changed it to zip -j $tofilename.zip $fileDir/$fnme , it worked.
    – New_user
    Jul 28, 2018 at 5:22

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