Using VNCTiger as a VNC viewer, how can I pipe/forward (correct terminology?) the output to one of the /dev devices like video0?

At the moment I use a basic vncviewer command to get the output, as follows:

$ vncviewer <ip>:5900 -passwd ~/.vnc/passwd

Purpose: To stream VNC output to Android Emulator camera input.

Prior research: Using desktop as fake webcam on linux, Manipulating /dev/video

Using the v4l2loopback kernel module they stream the desktop X11 output to /dev/video0 with ffmeg, as follows:

$ ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 15 -s 1280x720 -i :0.0+0,0 -vcodec rawvideo -pix_fmt yuv420p \
    -threads 0 -f v4l2 /dev/video0

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