How can I search and replace horizontal-tabs in nano? I've been trying to use [\t] in regex mode, but this only matches every occurrence of the character t?

...just been using sed 's/\t//g' file which works fine, but I would still be interested in a nano solution.

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    I believe nano uses ERE and does not support the \t metacharacter. – jesse_b Jul 26 '18 at 21:11

In nano to search and replace:

  1. Press Ctrl + \
  2. Enter your search string and hit return
  3. Enter your replacement string and hit return
  4. Press A to replace all instances

To replace tab characters you need to put nano in verbatim mode: Alt+Shift+V. Once in verbatim mode, you can type any character in it'll be be accepted literally when in verbatim mode, then hit return.



In case Ctrl+\ doesn't work as expected, one may use Alt+R as alternative.

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