I have created a ServiceName.service file.

Description=ServiceName Service


And I have create a ServiceName.timer file.

Description=ServiceName timer to start weekly



The .sh file starts a webpage and a search with new results for the webpage that needs to be accessible for a week, and then perform a new search.

The scripts starts on boot, so that part works. But it seems that the script has to shutdown the service first before the timer function works. I have no clue on how to do that.


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First, you probably want After=network-online.target to make sure the network is fully up.

Second, you must systemctl enable ServiceName.timer so that the timer will get started at boot. Did you do that? Use systemctl list-timers to check to see which are running.

Third, update your timer file to use WantedBy=timers.target which is the recommended target.

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