I have been using oh-my-sh for the past few months, and gosh I love it :), I have noticed there is an array of colors fg_bold[], and by using the array we can echo informative message with colors.

for example: echo $fg_bold[yellow] "Let's make it work!"

Executing this from terminal worked liked a charm.

BUT it seems if I open a brand new zsh script, and copy & paste it, it fails ($fg_bold[yellow] is empty):

#!/usr/bin/zsh #taken from which zsh

echo $fg_bold[yellow] "Let's make it work!"

More to add the fg_bold's array doesn't appear both in env and in printenv. What am i missing here?

Thank you all


That variable is pulled from the colors autoloadable function.

You need to load and run that function:

autoload colors

Note that you can also use prompt expansion which doesn't need that colors function:

print -P %F{red}


echo ${(%):-%F{red}}

In any case, that's an associative array shell variable, not something that can or should be exported to the environment. If you want to see its declaration, use typeset -p fg_bold (note that the variable has the -H (hide value) attribute, so typeset -p would show the values, you can remove that attribute with typeset +H fg_bold, or see the values with typeset fg_bold).

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  • Thank you for your in depth answer well appreciated, I just now read the man zshmisc. – JammingThebBits Jul 25 '18 at 17:57

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