I was reading Count number of lines of output from previous program and found it helpful. However, while

$ grep -i [pattern, file] | tee >(wc -l) 

gives me a nice output of the grep lines and the number of matches, I want to ask if anyone knows how to save the number of matches to a variable in my script. I want to output it within a string with more readable formatting.

somevar=$(wc -l <(grep -i [pattern, file]) | awk '{print $1}')

Then later on

echo "This was the numbers reported: $somevar"

If you want to keep the output of grep in a file and still do the count:

$ wc -l <(grep -i [pattern, file] | tee somefile) | awk '{print $1}'

$ wc -l somefile
 364 somefile

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