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In the LXQt desktop (installed on top of Kubuntu 18.04) I use a bluetooth speaker with a laptop which has volume keys that only control the internal speakers. The volume panel applet does the same.

I can only modify/mute the external speaker's volume with pavucontrol.

Is it possible to control bluetooth speaker volume with keyboard and/or a panel button?

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Short-keys can be assigned to the following commands:

  • Toggle mute: amixer -q -D pulse sset Master toggle

  • Volume up by 5%: amixer -D pulse sset Master 5%+

  • Volume down by 5%: amixer -D pulse sset Master 5%-

For a panel/tray button, install qasmixer.

In Debian, Ubuntu: sudo apt install qasmixer.

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To have it in system tray, go to File-Settings-System tray and, in case the tray icon doesn't appear, un-check then check again the "Show tray icon" option. Be sure to check also Mini mixer device - Current so that the tray icon actions like mouse scroll act upon the desired device.

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Normally it will control volume of all kind of speakers. In case it stops controlling the bluetooth speaker(s), check File-Settings-Startup and View-Show device selection-Mixer device.

Make it start with the system by adding it to startup application list with an argument for start minimized in tray:

/usr/bin/qasmixer -t

Sources here and here.

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