In my case, when I open certain files in tmux such as this file, and have multiple panes, the characters overflow the pane's boundaries.

Nicholas Marriott suggested that the libc, font and terminal versions of Unicode could be differing from one another:

Using ldd --version, I have verified that I am running 2.23 which seems to support Unicode v8.0.

Because, I couldn't easily find out the Unicode version of the font, I was using Consolas, I instead tried a number of other fonts such as the latest version of Anonymous Pro, Source Code Pro, Lucida Console to exceed or match the version of Unicode supported by my glibc (assuming Unicode versions would be backward compatible). However that didn't help.

Further, I have tried using professionally supported version of ssh terminals such as mobaxterm, and bitvise ssh client.. But none of these helped. So I am back to the original question of figuring out what unicode version is supported by my terminal (Putty), and the font I use (Consolas).

How do I check what version of Unicode I have running for the font of my terminal, and the terminal itself?

  • Essentially, you'd have to (for a suitable set of data) determine how wide the terminal displayed it (for example this), and compare that with what your (libc-based) application thought it was. – Thomas Dickey Jul 22 '18 at 15:48

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