I am trying to use rsync to maintain a backup copy of my Aperture library. When I run the sync command to see what would happen this is the outcome:

rsync --dry-run -r "/Volumes/Data/Aperture Library.aplibrary" "/Volumes/Backup"

skipping non-regular file "Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/BigBlobs.apdb"
skipping non-regular file "Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/Faces.db"
skipping non-regular file "Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/History.apdb"
skipping non-regular file "Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/ImageProxies.apdb"
skipping non-regular file "Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/Library.apdb"
skipping non-regular file "Aperture Library.aplibrary/Database/Properties.apdb"

The "file" command says that at least the ".db" file is a "SQLite 3.x database". How can I sync these files with rsync?


It would seem those files are symlinks.

To copy them as symlinks, use --links.

To copy the files they are pointing to, use --copy-links.

For details see the SYMBOLIC LINKS section in man rsync.


Use -a instead of -r. -a means to reproduce file hierarchies, including special files and permissions. -r only means to recurse on directories. For a backup, you want -a.

  • I'd say this is the practical solution, though the --links clarification is useful. I use rsync -hiva --log-file=log.txt source dest most of the time.. i like hiva ~ winter as a mnemonic – ptim Dec 11 '14 at 5:51

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