When I use the command cat /proc/<pid>/pagemap, I'm not getting any output. Usually I get some binary output but now I am not getting anything at first.

The output starts coming an hour or so after entering the command cat /proc/<pid>/pagemap. I have tried different kernel versions bu the problem still exists.


/proc/[pid]/pagemap is a virtual file with 225, 64-bit wide entries for pages. For a given program most of the entries will be 0x00000000. There are two problems to your approch of cat /proc/[pid]/pagemap:

  • To print such a file would take an enormous amount of time.
  • The file consists of entries which are not ASCII Printable chars.

We can solve the above problems by:

  • Use /proc/[pid]/maps to get the virtual address and seek to position on pagemap file.
  • Use hexdump instead of cat to print the entry.

You may refer to Viewing pagetable for a process for more detailed research regarding same.

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