I keep flip flopping between tmux and screen, and right now I'm back on the tmux kick. I've been doing some setup for a friend, and I want to make a hard copy of the session so he can see the commands that I've run. I know this is possible in screen, but can I do it with tmux? The man page doesn't seem to have anything related to hardcopy...


It's not as simple as in screen, but it can be done with capture-pane and save-buffer. The example below will copy the contents of TARGET pane (or current pane if none is given) to the file ~/tmux.hardcopy:

tmux capture-pane -t TARGET \; save-buffer -b 0 ~/tmux.hardcopy H 

Optionally add it as a binding in tmux.conf, escaping the ";" as necessary:

bind H capture-pane \; save-buffer -b 0 ~/tmux.hardcopy \; delete-buffer -b 0

As seen here.

  • @Moondoggy: The semi-colons should indeed be escaped, thanks. – Thor Nov 8 '13 at 8:58

Also, asciinema is a very nice terminal recorder (text only) that you can use with tmux (or any terminal) if you want to share online. It uploads to the asciinema site and gives a short link (which you can open with the "url" function in tmux).

It's very nice for tutoring, because beginners can follow the real-time typing more easily than a huge transcript.

It's on github: sickill/asciinema.


to start recording, and


to exit the recording session. Tab-autocomplete and delete keys show up a little weird (^G, etc.), though.


Using the answer above resulted in a "No buffer 0" error. Adding "-b 0" to the capture-pane command fixed that. I also added "-e" to the capture-pane command to preserve color output. I also added "-a" to the save-buffer command to append to the output file instead of overwriting.

Here's my answer:

bind-key h capture-pane -e -b 0 \; save-buffer -a -b 0 ~/tmux.hardcopy \; delete-buffer -b 0 \; display-message "~/tmux.hardcopy updated"

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