dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc bs=10M 

/dev/sdb is a HDD with installed CentOS7 and able to boot.

if /dev/sdc is another HDD, the dd copy works OK, /dev/sdc can boot without problem.

if /dev/sdc is a USB disk, it can't boot after dd copy.

failed log ( when using USB disk as /dev/sdc )

dracut-initqueue[704]: calling: settle
dracut-initqueue[704]: calling: settle
dracut-initqueue[704]: calling: settle

/* log repeat and can't boot to os */

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I guess the initramfs file does not include the usb-storage driver or one of its dependencies.

You could fix this before the dd copy by doing something like:

# dracut -–add-drivers usb-storage <your initramfs file>

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