I already saw that kind of questions but with no real answer. I'd like to build a Debian stretch installation media (with simple-cdd) that ships with stretch-backports packages. I could only go with adding the backports repository in the preseed configuration file but it wouldn't be usable with offline devices. Any idea ?


If you know how to generate list of packages just put it to simple-cdd profile .downloads file. These packages, together with the dependencies, will be included into /pool/main/ directory of resulting image .iso file.


  • Yet this only works with current release repository and not with added ones. – Kunai Jul 25 '18 at 7:10

Actually, it seems there's no easy way (given the easy-way is simple-cdd) to fine tune the packages shipped with a debian installer media. One could actually customize its repository given it resolves all the dependencies one way or another. (see : Building a Custom CD Set)

However, for the particular backports case one could use in its simple-cdd configuration (profiles/[profile].conf) the parameters :


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