I'm using Opensuse 15. I use two monitors a small one on the left and big one in front of me.

Sometimes I would like to change all the programs from my left screen to the other one and vice-versa by pressing a shortcut instead of dragging windows with the mouse.

EX: I have mozilla in the central screen and terminal in the other one. Now i want to use terminal but keep mozilla in the small screen.

There is a way to do that easily with a shortcut? Can it be done in Ubuntu as well?

Thank you.


ALT+SPACE+M and then the arrow keys to position your window. It's cumbersome but works. I don't know of any quick short cut to shift windows across workspaces.

You can shift windows between workspaces with SHIFT+CTRL+ALT and then use the arrows to navigate your configured workspaces.

  • That didn't work to me. I have added a new keybind in opensuse to switch between desktops. Not exactly what i wanted but good enough. – guillem cabo Jul 25 '18 at 17:24

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