I have MSI x470 gaming motherboard and AMD Ryzen 2600x and running Ubuntu 18.04.

The issue is, when I type sensors in the terminal it gives me output on CPU temperature to be 90-108° C (only browsing the internet, a few tabs opened), but when I quickly reboot the PC and open the BIOS, it says CPU temperature is 37°-39° and the motherboard temperature is 37°.

I doubt that in less than a minute it can cool down from 100° to 39°. Unfortunately the motherboard reports only CPU and motherboard temperature, so no luck to check other sensors.

Can there be some sort of misreading in CPU temperature sensors while using the sensors software command? Or can the CPU chip itself really be this hot under the cooler?

  • I had an Intel Celeron 420 whose "temperature" under Windows was actually a value where 212°F actually meant 140°F, and I confirmed it by spinning my fans down and letting the chip run for hours roughly 70 "degrees" over the maximum temperature. If you know what temperature your CPU throttles or shuts down at, you could run a high load such as a benchmark for several seconds and check if the cores downclock or turn off. So yes, the OS sensor temperatures can be wrong. Since you are using Linux, can you check if Windows says the same thing about temperatures? – dsstorefile1 Jul 18 '18 at 5:33
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    Very likely a scaling factor is wrong. Read the lmsensors documentation, IIRC it has a description how to calibrate and deal with that (using a config file). – dirkt Jul 18 '18 at 6:02

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