$ mpd

I am prompted with

socket: Failed to bind to '': Address already in use

But if I run:

 $ sudo service mpd start

and check its status, I get

systemd[1]: Started Music Player Daemon.

Note that in what is to come, assume that:

 $ sudo service mpd stop

has been run.


  • What is the difference between the two, why does one give an error, and the other not?
  • How can I track/find how the socket is being used? As mentioned, first we stop the service, if it is running?

    $ sudo service mpd stop

I search over stackexchange, and the solutions mentioned don't find anything.

$ sudo lsof -i -n -P|grep 6600 

returns nothing

$ sudo netstat -tulpn |grep 6600 

return nothing

$ sudo ss -npt|grep 6600

return nothing. But, again,

$ mpd


socket: Failed to bind to '': Address already in use

What do I not understand?

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    Are you inside a vm à container or something like that ? Lsof is nicer When written : lsof -n -i TCP:6600 ;-) – Kiwy Jul 18 '18 at 10:02
  • If using systemd you should probably also try sudo systemctl stop mpd.socket if it is using a socket to start the service. – meuh Jul 18 '18 at 15:31

It looks like you are using Systemd

As mentioned in the comments you also need to stop the socket

sudo systemctl stop mpd.socket
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It might be a bit late but I had the same problem and setting bind_to_address in mpd.conf file to "" seemed to fix it.

Also there is a good explanation of why that might be happening here

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