I use menu-complete bash function to cycle through completion when I press Tab, and I'm happy with it. But it has too often happened to me the following.

Suppose I'm looking for the file longparthardtoremember.with.QQQQQQQ.extension in a directory which contains the files longparthardtoremember.with.AAAAAAA.nice.long.extension, longparthardtoremember.with.BBBBBBB.very.nice.long.extension, and so on. If I Tab-complete $ long the latter filename will be inserted. At that point, I'd like to move to the middle of the filename, delete the AAAAAAA part, type B, and then Tab-complete again. If I do so, all the part after BBBBBBB is inserted as well, thus leading to a duplication of it, which I obviously don't want.

With vi editing mode, a quite quick in dealing with this (I quickly move to the repeated part and delete it), but it is still annoying.

By pure chance I've find the skip-completed-text bash option in bash's man page. Isn't this what I need? I've set it on, but I can't see any difference in the behavior of in-middle-of-work Tab-completion. Have I misunderstood the man page?

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