We have SSIS and Hive servers on 2 different environments. Hive Server lives on Linux box. The objective of building SSIS package is to download certain files from Hive box through Hive scripts, transfer them to SSIS environment and upload these files from SSIS box to different application. Hence I would first need to bring the files from Linux box to SSIS box.

I'm trying to achieve this through WinSCP application from SSIS box (Server where Visual Studio is installed).

Implementation is as shown below:

  1. Use Execute Process Task and point the executable to C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe
  2. Create a text file with details like

    open sftp://User:Password@Server 
    cd /foldername/foldername/foldername/foldername
    get *.csv D:\
  3. Argument in Execute Process task is /script=C:\SFTP.txt

When I run this task, it will first launch the WinSCP application asking me to enter the host details. Once I provide details, the task completes successfully but does not transfer files from Linux box (Hive Server) to SSIS environment.

Any ideas or suggestions experts?

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