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I'm looking for a solid answer on how to set, and then enforce, global KDE settings such as making the session time out and lock after 15 min for all accounts.

While I was looking for how to do this, I have been finding a lot of conflicting information between forums, and outdated information due to different past releases.

Things I've found...

I've found information pointing to /etc/skel, but this doesn't seem to enforce any of the rules, only initially sets them. Users can easily just revert their settings, which is not acceptable in my environment. I don't think this is the correct direction.

I've found information pointing at /etc/xdg. KDE configurations are in the home directory, but according to KDE wiki, it may be possible to copy these into the /etc/xdg directory, from which they will them become global settings. However, I also did find conflicting information for this, and am unsure of the versioning.

If it is any help, I'm running Debian Buster, KDE.

Simply, I want to know...

How can I set, and then enforce, strict KDE settings for all users on a sysytem?

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