I just installed the Beefy Miracle on my box, but essentially being the first time I've used Linux I'm not sure how to perform even some of the most basic tasks.

I thought I would try to install Chromium as a starting exercise. I tried:

sudo yum install chromium

but the package doesn't exist. How does this work on Linux? I could easily sudo yum install Git, but I can't for Chromium.


Chrome is not opensource...

If you want to install Chromium on F17 you should use this repo :


Here's a full tuto : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Chromium

Ps : Why Chromium Isn't in Fedora : http://ostatic.com/blog/making-projects-easier-to-package-why-chromium-isnt-in-fedora



For Chromium you can use the chromium-stable repo.

For Google Chrome, go to http://www.google.com/chrome and download the RPM for Fedora. If I remember correctly, it will add Google's repository for automatic updates.

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