I'm new with kernel modules and security frameworks in Linux: I've studied SMACK labels and I wanted to test them on my Ubuntu machine. I wasn't able to use them because in my Linux 4.16.16 kernel configuration:


How can I add SMACK features to my OS without recompiling the whole kernel?


It shouldn't be too hard to recompile the kernel, but if you don't want to do that, your best bet is to find a PPA with another kernel build with that flag set (I didn't find one with a quick search though). After that you should be able to do a bit more setup (see the "Trivial Configuration" section of this guide:


) and change your grub parameters to enable smack during boot. Although note that those docs are becoming dated.

  • I haven't found any PPA with that module, moreover I've seen that link but it seems outdated – andrew Jul 14 '18 at 16:00

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